Wicked Wonderland In a Bind
The start of my last semester
01.28.07 - 9:58 pm

Aww, my poor neglected diary.

This is going to be short unfortunately... It's been a long day, and I slept through most of it.

I've been productive. I took pictures of one of my art works that I plan on submitting to the Walters Art Museum. They're having a student show, and my piece fits Perfectly with they're criteria.

For the past hour or so, I've been working on my unit/lesson plans. I have one unit and lesson finished. Then I have two units started. I have to get my 5th and 4th grade units/lessons done by next week. At least that's my goal. The faster I get these done the better.

I have to write in a particular format... it sucks. You have to phrase things perfectly. Fun fun.

Well, I need a shower. And I gotta get images printed out tonight so I can start making visuals.


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